Welcome to the Waterford at the Legends at Aberdeen

Introduction:  The Waterford at the Legends of Aberdeen is a development that features the national builder, Pulte Homes.

Size/Location of Community:  The neighborhood consists of 41 single-family homes, as well as the existing 4 attached duplexes, built by Barr Builders. The homes are located at the east end of Aberdeen Blvd, off of Miner Road. 

Type of Association: Neighborhood Homeowners

Areas of Responsibility for Waterford at the Legends Homeowners Association: As a result of the nature of the single family homes within the neighborhood, the neighborhood responsibilities are minimal.  Its primary responsibility is the maintenance of the common areas at the entry to Waterford.

Areas of Responsibility for Waterford Homeowners: Homeowners of the single-family homes are responsible for their own lawn care and snow removal.  They are also responsible for the upkeep of the exterior of their home.  The duplex homes will have their lawn maintained and snow removal done by the Homeowners Association.

Total Monthly Fee: $60.00, $30.00 of which goes to the Aberdeen Master Association/Reserve Fund.
(Subject to change)

Management Company:
Associated Property Management, LLC
5090 Park Avenue West
Seville, OH 44273
Phone: 330-722-3000